Marty Music Bandana

Hey! What’s up?? The bandana has many uses, you can use it clean your guitar or wear it if you are in a Guns N Roses / Lover Boy tribute band. But now you have a reason to wear a bandana if you are going anywhere outside of your home.

Covid has affected people’s way of making a living, especially if you depend on live music to make a living. I have been lucky to be able to stay safe and create videos that teach you how to play guitar. So I teamed up with the organization Music Cares and will donate $3.00 for each bandana sold to Music Cares.

Music Cares is a great non-profit that helps working musicians in need as well as those who help make live music happen. (techs, those who do sound and lights, truck drivers…)

Bandana Specs

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 22" x 22"



Choose a color:
Black Bandana
White Bandana


 9” x 12” poly bag

.05 lbs /  1oz



For all of you outside the US we are doing our best to make our international orders get to you as smoothly as possible and without additional custom charges. But at times there can be extra custom charges and fees that are beyond our control. If you are willing to accept this we will be happy to get you order shipped to you. We really appreciate your business and we look forward to showing you some of the new products we have coming out.