Essential Blues and Rock Bundle

Most guitar students are looking for step by step guidance to get them playing better, with faster success. That's why I have bundled these essential Blues and Rock related courses to help give fellow guitar players the direction they need. 

This discounted bundle is over 20 hours of step by step instruction which can be streamed or downloaded featuring my premium courses: "Beginner Blues", "Blues Rock Rhythm", and "Intro to Blues Slide Guitar". I've also included some important (FREE) courses that go with theses lessons: "Blues Styles" and "Power Chords". 


Essential Blues and Rock Bundle


Beginner Blues

Whether you just picked up a guitar or have been playing for some time now, the "Beginner Blues" Course will guide you through all of the most important blues guitar fundamentals. I've taken my many years of teaching and filming guitar lessons and put together my most comprehensive intro to blues guitar playing ever. 

This course will help you master the 12 bar blues, which not only is the foundation of blues music, but also lays the groundwork to understanding rock and even the pop music of today.

Along with the 12 bar blues I'll also show you riffs, rhythms, licks, and various "Turnarounds" which will help you become a better guitar player no matter what style you want to play!

This is the best course on beginner blues guitar that I have ever made and I'm positive it can help you become a better guitar player! 

Blues Rock Rhythm

If you're looking to unlock the power of rock and blues, this is the course for you! With over 5 hours of instruction, I will show you how rock music and the heavier side of blues can be brought together in a powerful one-two punch of rock blues domination! 

I will demonstrate how guys like Joe Bonamassa, ZZ Top, White Stripes, Gary Clark Jr., Black Keys, and more, have that perfect mix of blues style with a rock flavor!

I will teach you my favorite rhythm techniques, riff building exercises, open string power chords, mixing licks with chords, different attacks and feels, groove concepts, chord construction,  and so much more! 

Learning blues is like learning the foundation of rock, and this course shows you where the 2 genres intersect! 

Blues Slide Guitar

Learning some basic slide guitar skills can really add dimension to your guitar playing and overall musicianship. In this introductory course, I show you exactly what I have learned in the past 2 years that I have been studying how to play slide guitar.

The biggest breakthrough I had is when I figured out "Open E Tuning" as the gateway to all those fabulous sounds I was searching for. I will show you the tuning and a great way to start your slide journey.

I'll show you the proper  left hand slide techniques and what'll you need to get rocking and having fun right away. I will also focus heavily on the right hand and the proper string muting you will need to work on.

I have had so much fun adding this new set of skills to my bag of tricks and I'm super excited to teach you what I have learned so far. 

Blues Style & Rock Power Chords

I've included 2 courses that are always free at MartyMusic because they compliment the other courses in this bundle so well. Blues Style is a great course made up of different blues progressions and rhythm techniques. This course would be best to watch after Beginner Blues but can be helpful at any time. Power Chords is a great course to watch before the Blues Rock Rhythm set as it focuses solely on the sound and techniques that make up the DNA of Rock and Roll! 

Essential Blues and Rock Bundle