Jerry Garcia Solo Style

In this course I'll show you a long funky solo in the style of Jerry Garcia with a dash of John Mayer, broken down lick by lick.

I will not only show you how to play the solo, but I also show you the why. The theory of the scales, modes, chord changes, chord tones, arpeggios, why certain licks sound good over certain chords, and many other concepts that will help you learn a tasty solo, but also help you become a better guitar player.

I loved how Jerry mixed elements of rock, blues, soul, jazz, country, bluegrass, and free form improv in his amazing style.

I tried to create a solo lesson that had some of my favorite "Jerry-isms" in there. Those beautiful haunting bends, funky chromatic runs, and especially those beatiful "cascading" flutter licks.

This course (shot in 4k) is close to 2 hours and can be streamed and downloaded for life and and also includes pdf tabs for the solo!

I hope you have fun and a long strange trip! 


Jerry Garcia Solo Style


Jerry Garcia Solo Style