Marty Music Schwartzinator Overdrive Pedal

Marty Music Schwartzinator Overdrive Pedal

The Schwartzinator is my signature Overdrive Pedal that combines all the best features I look for in an overdrive pedal.

A mild overdrive pedal, The Schwartzinator yields a warm overdriven tone often heard in blues and classic rock. Stomp it for a relatively clean boost that cuts through the mix without muddying things up.

The pedal is made of Aluminum Alloy, comes in a Fiesta Red color and has four knobs- a Bass knob and a Treble knob for EQ adjustments, a Gain knob to adjust how much overdrive/dirt you want, and a Level knob for volume.

With the purchase of the Marty Music Overdrive Pak you will receive:

  • Schwartzinator Overdrive Pedal
  • US Power adaptor (Will need an adaptor for use in other countries)
  • Marty Music Guitar Pick
  • Marty Music Stickers
  • Manual
  • Along with the purchase of the Schwartzinator I want to offer you a sweet deal! For only an EXTRA $99 I will give you every lesson and guitar course I have ever made at Marty Music worth over $750.00. (This special offer will appear on the page after your order is submitted. It is a separate transaction)

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