Marty Music Schwartzinator Overdrive Pedal

Marty Music Schwartzinator Overdrive Pedal

The Schwartzinator is my signature Overdrive Pedal that combines all the best features I look for in an overdrive pedal.

A mild overdrive pedal, The Schwartzinator yields a warm overdriven tone often heard in blues and classic rock. Stomp it for a relatively clean boost that cuts through the mix without muddying things up.

The pedal is made of Aluminum Alloy, comes in a Fiesta Red color and has four knobs- a Bass knob and a Treble knob for EQ adjustments, a Gain knob to adjust how much overdrive/dirt you want, and a Level knob for volume.


For all of you outside the US we are doing our best to make our international orders get to you as smoothly as possible and without additional custom charges. But at times there can be extra custom charges and fees that are beyond our control. If you are willing to accept this we will be happy to get you order shipped to you. We really appreciate your business and we look forward to showing you some of the new products we have coming out.

With the purchase of the Marty Music Overdrive Pak you will receive:

  • Schwartzinator Overdrive Pedal
  • US Power adaptor (Will need an adaptor for use in other countries)
  • Marty Music Guitar Pick
  • Marty Music Stickers
  • Manual
  • Along with the purchase of the Schwartzinator I want to offer you a sweet deal! For only an EXTRA $99 I will give you every lesson and guitar course I have ever made at Marty Music worth over $750.00. (This special offer will appear on the page after your order is submitted. It is a separate transaction)

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