Acoustic Blues Superclass Bonus Bundle

Hey what's up you guys Marty here! I'm happy to bring you my brand new "Acoustic Blues Superclass with bonuses" bundle! You will get freshly made lessons focusing on all things acoustic blues including over 15 hours of instruction on Chords, Rhythm, Fingerpicking, Scales, and Soloing!  

I've decided to also throw in my 5 hour course on the Caged system. My "Marty's Uncaged" course is basically a theory study of the guitar fretboard which will help give you a better understanding of what's going on with those pesky chord shapes and give you new found freedom up and down the guitar neck! 

If that wasn't enough I'm throwing in my "Beginner Fingerstyle
Course which is almost 3 hours of showing you your way around the technique known as "Travis-Picking"! 

Finally I've added my "Acoustic Tricks and Embellishments" as a nice compliment to this already extensive set of acoustic guitar instruction. 

This entire bundle is over 15 hours of instruction which can be immediately streamed and downloaded!

I know you're going to dig these lessons!




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