Brand New "Tasty Zone" Intermediate Lesson Bundle

You know where you are? You're in the Tasty Zone Baby!! 

This brand new set of lessons has been designed for more experienced players and includes the all new Premium Courses of "Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonics", "BB Box Techniques", "Voodoo Blues Scale", and "Double Stops You Can Use". Since this is more of an intermediate course I've decided to include as a bonus, Lead Guitar Phase 1,2,3, Essential Licks, Major Pentatonic Course and Licks totally for free just in case you need to review any fundamentals that lead up to this new Tasty Zone Players Bundle! 

The Tasty Zone bundle with bonuses is over 20 hours of content that can be streamed and downloaded for life! 


Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonics 

Learning scales is one thing, but turning them into tasteful melodies is another thing altogether. This first section of the Tasty Zone focuses on the specific concept of mixing the sounds of both the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales. You hear the masters use this technique all the time. BB King, SRV, Angus Young, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, and current players like John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa. This course shows you the steps, techniques, and concepts to supercharge your lead chops. Sick of your solos sounding like scales? This course will help you break out of that rut! 


BB Box Techniques

There's a little blues box shape that sits between the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales and we call it The BB Box! Because of the way the scale shape is laid out, it opens up some really sweet melodic "zones" that can be utilized. This course takes an in-depth look at this one shape and I'll show you all of my favorite concepts and licks from this tasty little spot on the fretboard. 

Voodoo Blues Scale

The Voodoo Blues Scale is a hybrid blues scale that substitutes the 7th interval with the major 6th. Now you can see why we call it the Voodoo Blues Scale, it sounds a lot cooler ha ha! This course breaks down the concept of this tone substitution, but from a rock and blues perspective. This is one of my favorite devices for getting out of your pentatonic rut. This little "Tweak" immediately gives your standard licks some Zang! 


Double Stops You Can Use

Double-Stops can seem like magical chordal soloing. The more complex harmonic structuring of improvising with double-stops is that they can seem intimidating. In this course I demystify this style and show you all of my favorite double-stop devices that I have built up in my vocabulary over the last 20+ years. I'll help you cut to the chase and give you Double Stops You Can Use! 

Plus These Bonuses (All the Fundamentals You Need)

Lead Guitar Phases 1, 2, and 3 is the ultimate guide for developing a vocabulary to get you playing guitar solos immediately. Even if you've been working on your lead chops a bit, these Lead Guitar Courses will show you the fastest ways to start "Face Melting"!  We'll focus a lot on the Pentatonic scale and I'll also show you the most important concepts to work on to make music out of it right away! By the end of Phase 3, you should be able to flow up and down the entire fretboard of the guitar!

"Major Pentatonic" and "Major Pentatonic Licks" courses! This scale is that sweet sound that is the Ying to the Minor Pentontic's Yang. If you've ever heard that happier sounding solo, most likely it was the Major Pentatonic scale, and good news, you don't have to learn any new scale shapes!

 "Essential Licks"

Some of my favorite straight up rock and blues licks to supplement your vocabulary. These are all designed for you to be able to develop your own licks in your solo improvisation! 





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