2 for 1 Beginner Bundle!

Hey whats up you guys! Marty Here from MartyMusic, hope you are well and having a great 2019! 

I've decided to offer my two best beginner guitar lesson courses for the price of one!

When you purchase my "Beginner Acoustic" course, you will also get for FREE my "Beginner Blues" course. Check it out! 

All together there is over 14 hours of instruction that can be streamed and downloaded for life!


Let me show you how to play the guitar and have more fun than you ever thought was possible! 

This 6 hour course which can be streamed and downloaded for life, is designed for the straight beginner that has always wanted to try the guitar! I will show you where to start, and guide you through your journey of guitar discovery!

We will start with holding the guitar and getting it to feel comfortable in your hands. Then we will grab a pick and figure out how to tune the sucker! From there, I'll show you the easiest chords to start with so you can begin to play music right away! The goal is to have fun as soon as you grab the guitar and not get too bogged down with complex theory or techniques that may leave you feeling frustrated. I want you to enjoy the process and with my experience, I believe I can get you smiling and even playing familiar songs almost immediately! 

It's not as difficult as you think, I can get you there! 


Hey guys Marty here, and I'm excited to present you with my brand new (2017) Beginner Blues course! I've taken the last 25 years experience  teaching guitar, the last 10 years of making lesson videos, and created the ULTIMATE introduction to blues guitar! 

This course will help you master the 12 bar blues, which is the foundation of blues music, but also integral to understanding rock and even pop music.

I'll show you how to play the 12 bar blues including, riffs, rhythms, licks, and various "Turnarounds" which will help you become a better guitar player no matter what style you want to play!

This is the best course on beginner blues guitar that I have ever made and I'm positive it can help you become a better guitar player! 

 Plus these bonus courses!




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